Social Network Laravel

Social Networking Site in Laravel – Node JS, Socket IO

Previously, we create a Social Networking Site in Node JS and Mongo DB. But many people were asking that we create the same project in Laravel too, for PHP lovers. So here it is.


Following is a list of all features in this project:

  1. Authentication (Login, Registration)
  2. Email Verification
  3. Reset Password
  4. Profile Update
  5. Create Posts (with images and videos)
  6. Like, Comments and Replies
  7. Share Posts
  8. Notifications Panel
  9. Realtime Post Update and Delete
  10. Friends Post on your Wall
  11. Search Users, Pages and Groups
  12. Create Friends
  13. Create Pages
  14. Create Groups
  15. Private user-to-user chat
  16. List of people who viewed your profile
  17. Infinite scroll (AJAX)
  18. People who liked and shared your post
  19. End-to-end encryption on chat messages
  20. Customer Support panel
  21. Admin Panel
  22. Ban User
  23. Ban Posts
  24. Ban Pages
  25. Ban Groups
  26. Preventing adult images from uploading.

The price of this project is just $20 USD.

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