Social Networking Site Project in Laravel and MySQL

Social networking site in Laravel – Node JS, Socket IO


When you hear the word “social networking site”, the first name that came to your mind must be Facebook. Then Instagram, Twitter, etc. We create a social networking site project just to give you an idea of how things work. It is not the exact code used in tech giants like Facebook. But it gives you an idea of how they do it.

FeaturesFreePremium (USD 20)
Profile Update
Create posts (with images and videos)
Like, comments and replies
Share posts
Friends post on your wall
Search users
Create friends
Admin panel
Email verification
Reset password
Realtime post update and delete
Search pages, and groups
Create pages, and groups
Private user-to-user chat
List of people who viewed your profile
Infinite scroll
people who liked and shared your post
Chat messages encryption
Customer support
Ban users, posts, pages, and groups
Adult image validation
Show emails generated by system
Online / offline status
User last scene
User activity logs

Previously, we create a Social Networking Site in Node JS and Mongo DB. But many people were asking that we create the same project in Laravel too, for PHP lovers. So here it is.


We have added 4 more features to it.

  1. Track system mails: All the emails sent from the system (Mail::to) function will be stored in a database. And the admin can view all the emails from the admin panel.
  2. Online/offline status: Now you can know when your friends are online and when they are offline. This will be helpful because you can just leave a message if the person is currently offline.
  3. Last scene of the user: You can also see your friend’s last scene active. This will help in situations like earthquakes etc. you can know which friends are not active in recent times.
  4. Track user activity: Admin can view the activities of users like when they are logged in when they created a page when they joined a group etc.

Buy a premium version of this project for just $20 USD.

Buy now:

  1. Kindly let us know your name, email, and country.
  2. We will email you an invoice.
  3. Once the invoice is paid, we will send you the source code.

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