Converting construction HTML template into dynamic website - Vue JS + Laravel

Dynamic constra template – Vue JS & Laravel


“Constra” is an HTML static template in HTML & CSS. It is an HTML template designed for the construction website. The businesses that allow construction-related services. We have converted to a dynamic website using Vue JS and Laravel.

You can check out the following tutorials. In these tutorials, we have shown you, how to convert a static HTML template into a dynamic construction website.

Part 1:

You will learn in this part:

  • How to convert an HTML template into a Vue JS app
  • Create single-page applications in Vue JS
  • Use the vue-router module
  • Use internal CSS, JS, and image files from the “assets” folder
  • How to fix the “Mixed spaces and tabs” error
  • Remove ESLint from the Vue JS app
  • Use Bootstrap, jQuery, and other JS libraries in the Vue JS app
  • How to fix “Can’t resolve popper.js”
  • Use the “background-image” property in Vue JS
  • Use slider library (Shuffle) in Vue JS

Part 2:

In this part, you will learn:

  • How to pass parameters in URL in Vue JS
  • How to fetch a single record in Laravel eloquent
  • How to call AJAX using Axios in Vue JS
  • Using “slick” JS library in Vue JS
  • Create a foreign key in Laravel migration
  • Create a has-many relationship in Laravel
  • Upload file in Laravel storage

You can download the complete source code from Github as well.

You can also check out our chat website developed in Vue JS, Node JS, and Mongo DB.

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