Laravel Blog Website with Admin Panel

Laravel Blog (Website + Android app) with Admin Panel

A Blog Website along with an Android app is created with admin panel in Laravel. It uses the design template from It has the following key features:

Google Adsense Approved

The project is tested with Google Adsense and it was approved by Google for monetization. You just have to link with your Google account and you will start receiving money once you reach the Google payment threshold.

User side

  1. 70 built-in blog posts.
  2. Random quotations.
  3. Total users display.
  4. Custom advertisement to generate revenue.
  5. Share posts on Twitter and Facebook.
  6. Limit access to some features for registered users only.
  7. Registration with Email Verification.
  8. Secure Login.
  9. Comment on Post.
  10. Reply to the comment.
  11. Related Posts.
  12. Subscribe to the newsletter.
  13. Social Links.
  14. A section to sell items directly.
  15. Amazon affiliate links.
  16. Realtime Chat with admin (Firebase).
  17. Manage Profile.
  18. Change Password.
  19. Custom Advertisement.

Admin Panel

  1. Dashboard Statistics.
  2. Add/Edit blog posts.
  3. Add/Edit items that sell directly.
  4. Manage Inbox.
  5. Manage Comments.
  6. Realtime Chat with users (Firebase).

Android App

We also developed an Android App for this project which your users can download from Google Play Store and read your blog posts from that app. Here is the demo of Blog Android app:

The price of this project is just $20.


  1. Let us know your name, email, and country.
  2. An invoice of 20 USD will be emailed to you.
  3. After payment, send us the payment receipt at the chat (left bottom or right bottom widgets).
  4. Project files will be sent to you after verification.

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