12 projects for just $100

Buy 12 projects for just $100


The price of each project is $20. So if you buy each project separately, that will cost you $240. But in this offer, you can get the following 12 projects for just $100, saving $140.

Project’s list

  1. Social networking site in Node JS and Mongo DB
  2. Chat app – Android, iOS, Web admin panel
  3. Email marketing tool – Laravel, Vue JS
  4. Financial ledger – Node JS, Mongo DB, Vue JS
  5. Image sharing web app – Node JS, Mongo DB / MySQL
  6. Movie ticket booking site – PHP & MySQL, MVC
  7. Realtime blog in Node JS and Mongo DB
  8. File transfer web app – Node JS + Mongo DB
  9. Realtime customer support chat widget
  10. Video streaming website – Node JS, Mongo DB
  11. Picture competition web app – Node JS, Mongo DB
  12. Questionnaire – Node JS, Mongo DB

You can buy each project separately too as well. Besides getting all the premium features of all 12 projects, we also provide additional services with them.

Secure payment

We allow users to make payments easily and securely using their bank accounts. You can contact us here and we will send you an invoice to make the payment.

Source code

Complete source code is included in all the projects. You will enjoy the premium version of each project.


If you encounter any problem in installing the project or deployment, our technical support team is here. You can schedule a meeting with them and they will be able to assist you over AnyDesk or TeamViewer.

Use as college project

If you are a student and are looking to get ready-to-go projects to learn about code and how real projects work, this will be beneficial for you.

Customize as you want

Once you download the projects, you can customize them as per your needs. You can change the color theme, add new features to it, etc.

Get help in deployment

Once projects are set up in your localhost, we will be here if you needed any help in deployment to the live server. For Node JS projects, we will assist you in deployment to Heroku. And for Mongo DB projects, we will help you with a deployment to mlab.

Contact us to buy.

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